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Bully Dog WatchDog Monitor - Color Screen - White - 2012 Evoque


Bully Dog WatchDog Monitor - Color Screen - White - 2012 Evoque by Land Rover

Keep a close watch on your Land Rover Evoque's vital engine data with this easy-to-read display. Run diagnostics, set safety warnings, measure performance and view up to 4 parameters at once. Driving Coach program helps you to maximize fuel economy.


  • Provides a general-purpose gauge unit for towing and everyday use
    • 2.4", Full-color LCD screen with adjustable backlight is flanked by touch-sensitive buttons
    • US standard or metric measurements can be chosen
  • Displays up to 4 of more than 15 available parameters
    • Keep an eye on the function and performance of your engine
  • Maximizes fuel economy with the help of Driving Coach program
    • Understand how your driving style and/or various add-ons affect your Land Rover Evoque's performance and efficiency
  • Supports aftermarket pyrometer kit (sold separately) to monitor EGT in diesel applications
  • Alerts you to changes and problems in engine function and performance
    • Set audible and visual alerts for engine protection
      • Monitor engine coolant temperature, transmission temperature, boost and EGT
    • Run diagnostic checks and clear trouble codes
  • Records, displays and saves 1/4-mile performance testing times
    • Download free programs to compare runs and to further analyze data
  • Installs quickly and easily
    • Connects to Land Rover Evoque's computer via the OBD-II port for real-time monitoring of vital engine data
    • Guides you through initial setup process with Setup Wizard
  • Can be easily transferred between different cars or trucks
  • Complements your Land Rover Evoque's interior with white finish
  • Includes universal suction-cup mount
    • Custom mounts (sold separately) available for certain applications for that from-the-factory look
  • 1-Year warranty

The WatchDog can request a variety of data from your engine's computer. Only those parameters that the computer replies to, though, can be displayed. So the type of information will vary depending on the make, model and year of your application.

  • Model: 40400
  • Manufactured by: Bully Dog

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